Great Danes

Even people with zero dog knowledge know a Great Dane when they see one. Standing as high as 32 inches at the shoulder, Danes tower over most other dogs—and when standing on their hind legs, they’re taller than many people. Giant-sized and immensely strong, Danes nevertheless are the picture of elegance and balance, with the smooth and easy stride of born noblemen. The coat comes in different colors and patterns, perhaps the best-known being the black-and-white patchwork pattern known as “harlequin.”


Our Ladies

Blue Raynee

Bombardier's Blue Raynee Des Terres De Raire was born on January 31, 2016, right here at Rising Star Kennels.  Raynee is an 88% European AKC Registered Blue Great Dane out of Bombardier Diablo and Lacy Breaux. She comes from an outstanding background, carrying the D'Iskandar bloodline.  Raynee is full of energy and doesn't miss the chance to run and play. She has a fun loving personality and is a real looker.  Raynee will have puppies in 2018.

Blue Sangria De L'Outsaina

Rising Star's Blue Sangria De L'Outsaina was born March 26, 2015, out of Rising Star's Lover Boy Cassanova and I'Ariana De L'Outsaina.  Sangria is an 87% European Blue AKC Registered Great Dane.  She is one of the sweetest Danes we have ever owned.  She is a wonderful mother and is a great source of pleasure.  Sangria has outstanding bloodlines, with five out of six of her elders in the last three generations holding titles.

Heartbreaker Ma Belle

Bombardier's Heartbreaker Ma Belle was born October 5, 2015.  She is a 75% European AKC Registered  Fawn and was born to Balao and Bombardier Diablo, a 100% European imported Fawn.  She carries the D'Iskandar bloodline for two generations.  Ma Belle has a fun disposition and she carries the look of the European structure with grace and ease.  She has been raised from birth here at Rising Star and we are proud of the outstanding dog she has become.

London Fog

Rising Star's Vom Hause Wagner's London Fog was born August 27, 2015.  London is a 50% European AKC Registered Harlequin Great Dane out of Davinci Vom Hause Wagner, a European Blue, and Jo's Princess Paris, an American Harlequin.  London has a playful personality and a warm disposition.  London will produce gorgeous puppies, and we anticipating the arrival of her first litter.

Our Gentlemen

Magnum P.I.

Rising Star's Magnum, P.I. was born May 24, 2015, right here at Rising Star Kennels.  He is a 100% European AKC Registered Mantle Great Dane out of Rising Star's Big Money and Riva Ridge De Dogue Divins.  He also carries the Chee Guevara bloodline.  His personality is laid back, like his sire, but he also loves to be around other dogs and run and play.  We look forward to the outstanding puppies he is sure to produce.

Prestola Anton

Rising Star's Prestola Anton was born on February 12, 2013.  He is a beautifully masked 50% European AKC Registered Fawn Great Dane.  When we first saw Anton, we knew he was the missing piece for our Fawns and Blues.  He is a proven breeder and produces beautiful Fawns and Blue Fawns.  He has an outstanding pedigree and has been a wonderful addition to our breeding program.

Rugar De Dogue Divins

Hollister's Rugar De Dogue Divins was born on December 20, 2014, right here at Rising Star Kennels.  Rugar is a 100% European Harlequin AKC Registered Great Dane out of Hollister De Santvoran and Brooklyn Von Isberner.  He comes from a remarkable bloodline, and it shows through and through.  Rugar is a show stopper, he is big and carries himself with pride.  He is a very powerful boy, yet  one of the kindest Danes we have.  He produces gorgeous puppies, and we are proud to carry on his heritage.  

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