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Breeding Great Danes, King Charles, and Yorkies with love since 1999!

Miniature Poodles available soon!


We are Jack and Sally Phipps and our ranch is conveniently located 55 miles northeast of Dallas, in Leonard, TX. We have always had a great love of animals, with an extraordinary passion for dogs. 

Rising Star Kennels began in 2005 when our granddaughter, Jamie, pleaded for a Yorkshire Terrier for her birthday. After our purchase, we discovered that the puppy simply was too much responsibility for a 10 year old with many academic activities. Therefore, little Gypsy came to live at Grandma and Grandpa's. The rest is history.


Rising Star Kennels is dedicated to producing healthy companions that are bred with particular attention to temperament, personality and beauty. Over 22 years, we have had over 160 litters with 0 puppies returned!

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Great Danes


King Charles

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