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Our Puppy Guarantee


"We are proud to stand behind our puppies and their health!"

- Sally Phipps

We are extremely passionate about our dogs and continually try our hardest to breed the healthiest and best puppies around. When bringing new dogs to Rising Star Kennel, we make sure their lineage is free from typical hereditary issues with the related breed and strive for champion bloodlines. All of our dogs are AKC registered  and are regularly checked and treated for low blood sugar (Hypoglycemia), ear mites, worms, coccidia, giardia, ticks, and fleas. 


Once a puppy finds it's forever home, their new owner is encouraged to have their puppy checked by a vet within the first 72 hours. If any life threatening illness is found, we will replace the puppy with one of equal value. If a puppy is shipped, within the first 10 days of shipping, the new owner is required to provide a vet's certificate of good health. If the puppy has any life threatening illness, it will be replaced with one of equal value.

Rising Star Kennel gurantees that our puppies are free from hereditary defects to the best of our knowledge. If a puppy dies within its first two years of life, we will replace it with one of equal or greater value. A key part of up keeping a puppies health is its diet and nutrition. Due to this, we will extend this guarantee to three years if you give your puppy NuVet Plus vitamins. 

Please contact us for the full guarantee

and potential limitations

At no time will Rising Star Kennel provide a monetary refund

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